Chance2Meet is a “structured networking” platform with online technology that works behind the scenes to make on-location events their most productive. Event attendees, exhibitors and presenters link up based on mutual business needs-before the doors even open.
A traditional event, no matter how well-executed or well-budgeted, is temporary. Standard video can preserve a record, but its impact is usually less than the original event. E-Event's integrated multimedia will help you to sustain and actually enhance your event, generating additional revenue.
The “human element” combines with the resources and convenience of the Internet to create E-Training. Keep your employees focused and productive while investing in their success, get them trained as soon as they are hired and maintain a global training materials for all your branches
Your unknown attendee might have a more interesting story to tell than the impressive keynote speaker you brought, bring the power of the internet’s User Generated Content principles into the exhibition floor of your event. Allowing everyone that have something to present to step up and give his pitch
Enable your conference attendees to get  exposed to the latest research and insights prior to the actual event , turning it to be the venue for the physical meeting and knowledge exchange by creating an online community that debates about the latest publications.
Live feedback is the heart of the most successful presentations, enable your presenters to “throw” a question to the air and show the whole audience the votes as they arrive.
Turn your event floor to a full live broadcasting TV station that holds interviews with the top key note speakers and distinguish guests creating an un-matched experience and priceless content which you could then leverage in the future…
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